Salford Crescent and University District Masterplan

Salford City Council and The University of Salford have been working with 5plus architects and CBRE since summer 2017 to prepare the Salford Crescent and University District Masterplan.


The Masterplan vision and objectives were subject to consultation during August-September 2018 and an overview of responses received can be viewed here.

The Masterplan has been revised to take on board views received during the initial consultation period and emerging University projects, and the City Council and University of Salford are now looking to appoint a Private Sector Partner to deliver the Masterplan ambition.

An overview of the Masterplan vision and objectives, the wider economic context within which the Masterplan area sits and  can be found by clicking on the ‘Development Prospectus’ tab at the top of this page.

Once a Private Sector Partner is appointed, the Masterplan proposals will be reviewed, taking on board comments received through the initial consultation process, and other relevant matters. The final proposals will be incorporated into a Development Framework and the draft Development Framework will be subject to public consultation. The consultation will be publicised through a range of channels and all residents, businesses and landowners within the Masterplan area will be informed about the consultation directly.  The Development Framework will be adopted by the City Council in due course and once adopted, will form a material consideration in the determination of planning applications across the Masterplan area.

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