The English Cities Fund have appointed Social Value Portal to assist with the preparation of the Social Value Strategy and Action Plan for the Crescent area. Social Value Portal are working with an organisation called ‘Placed’ to engage with local people and community organisations to understand local needs and priorities across the Crescent area, to feed into the Social Value Strategy.

Preparing a Social Value Strategy for the area is the best way to ensure that the Partners maximise the social, economic and environmental value generated throughout the lifecycle of the 15-20 year development programme. A robust Social Value Strategy will ensure that any social or local economic value delivered is tangible, needs-based and developed in collaboration with communities.

An online engagement platform called ‘Social Pin Point’ is being used to engage with the local community on the social value agenda. The engagement platform enables people to comment on a range of themes including economy and employment, poverty and inequality, health and social care, climate change and culture and creativity. These themes are aligned to Salford City Council’s own approach to measuring social value which has been developed recently in partnership with Social Value Portal. The platform also contains a mapping function to enable the community to highlight issues related to particular sites / buildings across the area.

The Social Pin Point site is now live and we would welcome any comments from the community to feed into the Social Value Strategy for the area. The consultation will run until the end of November and the Social Pin Point site can be found here: 


If you have any questions about the Social Value Consultation, please email:

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